Sunday, February 12, 2012

Long runs equal productive days

My delightful lunch. Thats a whole-lotta-veggies!

Today wrapped up my first full week of training. I was itching to run this morning so I got up at 8, ate breakfast, strapped on my shoes and ipod and hit the pavement.
I did my first "long" run. I felt really good through the entire run. I had no intention of wearing my new shoes but at the last second I was compelled. I'm glad I did. I'm a serious underpronater, and my mizunos help...a lot! 
Im trying not to pay attention to my pace on long runs, but it's really hard not to. So, I kept time, but I'm not beating myself up over it. 
After my run I through some laundry in the washer and desided to get out of the house for a bit. I try very hard to avoid bookstores, because I am seriously a sucker for books. It is impossible for me to go into a book store without buying something. Today was no exception.
I bought a book called "This Book Will Change Your Life." It's 365 days of ridiculous things. The idea is to do something every day that forces you to step out of your comfort zone. It's pretty hilarious and I'm going to start it tomorrow, so I'll keep you all abreast of my progress. If not fun/ny it should at least be entertaining. 
Now I get to sit back and relax for the night. I made myself my absolute FAVORITE dessert; strawberries, chocolate mouse and whipped cream. Yummy! And was pleasantly surprised to turn on the boob-tube and find "The Adjustment Bureau" on HBO. SCORE! Good, productive day all around!
This picure doesn't exactly make this look appetizing,
but trust me when I say this is the most delightful
dessert EVER!
Life is good!

Things I'm working on:
1. Not caring about pace or time.
2. Positive self talk during runs. Not that I'm particularly negative, but when I hit my walls I think it would really help if I started giving myself pep-talks.
3. Drinking more water. Again, this is a biggy! I keep saying I'm going to do better, and I am for the most part (restalked the water jugs today, so they should keep for a bit), but I really need to do better!
Things I'm thankful for:
1. Strawberries, chocolate and whipped cream. Yum!
2. Pandora. Somehow Pandora knew I was on a long run and played everything I needed to hear. 
3. New books! Nothing better than a brand new book. I'm such a sucker.

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  1. I want to hear more about books you like. That one sounds great. I need to step out of my comfort zone more.