Wednesday, February 8, 2012


So, today was the first day where I wasn't excited about running. I knew it would catch me eventually, I was just hoping it would be months and not days..."but it doesn't matter," because I did it and couldn't be happier that I did. It was 4 miles today and felt pretty good for the first 2 miles, but a couple miles in a few toes started forming blisters. I'm going to have to start taping my "problem" toes. I really didn't think that would be necessary until longer, much 10 miles longer. But, it's no biggy. I just gotta pick up some athletic tape. Tomorrow is a rest day, and then 3 miles on Friday.  Redeeming factor: Other than my toes making for a rather obnoxious distraction, the run was easy and my body (minus those damn toes) held up nicely. I think it's time for me to commit to a race...lay down some money and throw caution to the wind. I think my hesitation to choose a marathon is hurting my mental training. So, that should help. 

Things I'm working on:
1. Forefoot landing...always and forever.
2. Mental "Jedi mind tricks." I've been light on the "come run with me" technique and I think I was really psyching myself out because it was a longer run today. I need to work on getting excited about the long runs. 
3. Drinking more water! This is a biggy! Florida tap water is repulsive, which means I buy water, and I have a bad habit of running out of jugged water and refusing to drink tap...has to today.
Things I'm thankful for:
1. Fellow runner/athelete bloggers! You guys seriously keep me motivated!
2. My bike. Even when I'm tired and haven't had the best day, once I strap on my helmet and hop on my bike all is right in the world.
3. Hot showers on sore muscles.

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