Saturday, February 4, 2012

Sore and happy

Yesterday was my second day of pre-training. Another great run. Even better than Thursday. So, I've proven to myself that I'm ready to start training and have picked my rest and running days. After a little more research I've decided to do a combination of "the non-runners" and of the Jeff Galloway program. They are pretty similar, but the Galloway program is 6 months instead of 4, and since I'm not planning to do it until fall I figure thats perfect timing and I think I'll feel more prepared. So my run days are going to be Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday with my long runs on Sunday, which obviously means my rest days will be Monday, Thursday and Saturday. My first day of training will be this coming Tuesday, Feb. 7. I'm also looking into signing up for a running program with a coach and fellow future-marathoners. Would be nice to have people to run with, especially on the long runs.  So, I didn't run today, but not for lack of wanting. I was kind of craving a run but the non-runners says to stick to the schedule even if you feel like running more or father, so I'm sticking to my schedule, even though I don't think running more often is necessarily going to hurt me. 
My new shoes, Newton
Running Momentum
I am buying new running shoes with my tax refund. My current shoes still have some life left in them, but running shoes are expensive and I never know when I'm going to have the funds to replace them. It would really suck to get a few months into training and desperatly need new shoes, but not have the money to buy them, so I figure I'll just stock up while I can. I go back and forth between Asics and Mizunos, but have heard great things about Newtons. I know I love the style, but was skeptical about the engineering. If you haven't heard of Newtons, I encourage you to google them. Anyway, after reading reviews I decided to take the plunge. I'm going to Running Wild tomorrow (or maybe monday) to try them on. If they fit well, I think I'll order them online and try and get them a little cheaper. Fingers crossed.
So, tomorrow I'l be back at it, andother 30 minute run. Just one more rest day until the real training begins! I'm super excited at this point. Ready to get this show on the road...literally. 

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