Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Camping, training and swimming...

I spent the weekend camping with my family. My brother, who joined the air force straight out of high school and has made exactly 3 trips back to AK in the 12 years he's been gone, is visiting. So, we wen't  to the drag race track about 45 minutes north of my parents home and spent the weekend there. It was really lovely. It would have been nice to have my sister here, we haven't had the entire family together in a hot second, but it's still nice to get 5 out of the 6 of us in one state at least. Couldn't have asked for better weather.

My rescue dog, Tallulah, experienced her first camping trip.
She was a little freaked out as the motorhome started rolling,
but she got used to it and had a great time.

Tallulah and Timone (my parents dog)
dreaming of escape. They spent the
majority of their time in front of this door.

My oldest brother, Justin (not the one visiting) being the
eternal nerd he is. 

Mi Padre
Dad and brother, Ben (yes, the one visiting)
entranced by the drag races. Boys will be

I can cross another day off my 9 week taining schedule. Technically running wasn't on my training plan for today, but the last time I ran was last thursday (see above for explanation), so I decided I should get a run in before my official training start day (tomorrow).

Tallulah was less then thrilled that I had the
audacity to go for a run without her. She
 could smell the sweat and open air on me
when I got home. She wouldn't even look
at me.
I've also picked swimming back up. For those of you who don't know me... at all, I love swimming... love... emphasis on O swimming. My endurance is in the shitter, but it's building quickly and there is no other place I'd rather be then in the water. I am a fish or at least I was in a past life... no question.

We are going camping again this weekend. Down to Kenia with a day trip to Homer, my favorite place on earth! My training schedule shouldn't be interrupted, so long as I run before we leave on Thursday and as soon as we get back on sunday which is my long run, so that should be an interesting day... or week.

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