Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Dia numero uno

Today was my first official day of training, even though I've been running for the past few days. It was perfect weather for a run. Sunny 65 degrees. Couldn't be happier. Tomorrow is my cross training day, which I will, of course, be swimming.

This is the scenery from my running route. What a lucky
girl I am!

I also have a 4 hour class on wednesday nights (ugh!) so wednesdays always feel a little rushed. Next week I start my second summer class, which is 4 days a week Mon-Thur 2 hours a day right in the middle of the day 11-1. Its gonna be a rough 5 weeks, but it is, after all, only 5 weeks. I pretty excited for August. Normally I wouldn't wish away the summer, but I start my new graphic design job at the end of August and I'm pretty excited about the classes I'm taking this fall.

Camping, training and swimming...

I spent the weekend camping with my family. My brother, who joined the air force straight out of high school and has made exactly 3 trips back to AK in the 12 years he's been gone, is visiting. So, we wen't  to the drag race track about 45 minutes north of my parents home and spent the weekend there. It was really lovely. It would have been nice to have my sister here, we haven't had the entire family together in a hot second, but it's still nice to get 5 out of the 6 of us in one state at least. Couldn't have asked for better weather.

My rescue dog, Tallulah, experienced her first camping trip.
She was a little freaked out as the motorhome started rolling,
but she got used to it and had a great time.

Tallulah and Timone (my parents dog)
dreaming of escape. They spent the
majority of their time in front of this door.

My oldest brother, Justin (not the one visiting) being the
eternal nerd he is. 

Mi Padre
Dad and brother, Ben (yes, the one visiting)
entranced by the drag races. Boys will be

I can cross another day off my 9 week taining schedule. Technically running wasn't on my training plan for today, but the last time I ran was last thursday (see above for explanation), so I decided I should get a run in before my official training start day (tomorrow).

Tallulah was less then thrilled that I had the
audacity to go for a run without her. She
 could smell the sweat and open air on me
when I got home. She wouldn't even look
at me.
I've also picked swimming back up. For those of you who don't know me... at all, I love swimming... love... emphasis on O swimming. My endurance is in the shitter, but it's building quickly and there is no other place I'd rather be then in the water. I am a fish or at least I was in a past life... no question.

We are going camping again this weekend. Down to Kenia with a day trip to Homer, my favorite place on earth! My training schedule shouldn't be interrupted, so long as I run before we leave on Thursday and as soon as we get back on sunday which is my long run, so that should be an interesting day... or week.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

After all of my ruuunnnniiinnn' I'm finally coooommmmiiiiinnnn'...

I realize I've been gone for a hot second, but here I am on my second go around. True is I got a bit overwhelmed. I felt like writing everyday got to be a chore instead of motivation which is what it was always supposed to be so I stopped. Anyway, I messed up my knee, yet again, a couple months ago and am just now getting back into the swing of things. Needless to say I'm no longer on schedule to run my first marathon this summer, but I have signed up for a half (which is a good place to start, regardless) and it's just 9 short weeks away. So, I'll be starting my official training this week. If all goes well, I'm still shooting for my first marathon sometime this winter, which gives me a reason to plan a trip to the lower 48. Oh, right, I forgot to mention that I am now officially and for the foreseeable future back in Alaska. I got out of the Navy at the beginning of May, started classes at the end of May and will be starting my new job at the end of August, so I have the entire summer work free and am able to focus on my 2 classes and my training. YAY for a great summer!!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

T-minus 3 days until Mobile, 5ks and Moon Pies! Also on the schedge for the weekend, long run on Friday (cause I'm doing the 5k on my normally scheduled long run day), then Going away dinner + movie for mi amigo, Shell (lucky bastard is breaking out of this jail I call Pensacola). Could be an awkward time, as it will be 8 married moms and...me. 
However, Saturday will be quite the opposite. A little mardi Gras fun. All kinds of parades this weekend and I even recieved my very first strand of official mardi gras beads today, because a couple guys in my office are part of Krewes and so they handed out krewe beads so that we were all sure to get some. So fun! I'm pretty excited. 
Krewe of Blues...Ha! So cute. Thats
a fedora...you know, beacuse it's
krewe of blues...
Then of course the 5k bright and early on Sunday. Should be an exciting weekend. 
Rest day today. I did 4 miles with my friend Shell yesterday, the same shell I'll be running the 5k with on Sunday. I really enjoy running with others, but I tend to forget that when I don't do it for a long time. Note to self, run with others more often. I had a bit of a messed up running schedule this week. 2 medium runs, 1 long run and 1 short run, But I didn't over do it and I still get all my runs in, so I'm satisfied. Instead of running I went to target and bought very cheap conversation hearts...best part of Valentines day, fo sho! 
Mmm, such a nutritous dinner. Not gonna lie, I ate a handful of those hearts and never wanted to see them again. I got a straight sugar hangover...with the quickness!

I spent my evening watching to much tv and wanting to vom from my sugar hangover. No complaints. 

Oh, yeah and I am still on my "This Book Will Change Your Life" journey, but I forgot to scan the pages today, so I'll post Day 3, 4 and 5 tomorrow. 

OH!!! AND I had my first wipeout on my bike today. I'm so proud! I feel like a real bike communter now. No broken bones but a good scrape on my hand and a group of Marines who think I'm insane, so a success all around! 

Things I'm working on:
1. Running with friends more often, because it's so much funner and it pushes me.
2. Getting excited about the long runs. I'm good at the medium runs, but I still get nervous about the longer runs and I would really love to get to a place where I'm genuinely excited and ready for them.
3. WATER!!!
Things I'm thankful for:
1. Post Valentines day Valetine candy. Even if it does make me sick... gives me the sense of sticking it the man...and by the man I mean St Valentine (all 14 of them).
2. Logic thinking and practical advice.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Finding my soulmate

So, I started my 365 days of "This Book Will Change Your Life". Yesterday was just a warm-up so they had easy, non-threatning activities (as you can see by the list I had to choose from). So I did 4 of them. My life is not yet changed, but I have hope. 
I was also supposed to have a rest day yesterday, but was itching to run, and feel that, much like my creativity, my desire to run shouldn't be stifled. So, I went for a 4 mile run last night, turns out I should have only done 3. Other than hurricane force winds the weather was perfect...maybe a little to perfect and I was wishing I hadn't put on the extra layer by 5 minutes into my run. You see, all weekend and all day yesterday it was bitter cold and I assumed that it hadn't heated up in the few hours that I had been home from work. Wrong. As Florida weather often does, the temperature spiked by 15-20 degrees in the 4 hours between leaving work and stepping outside for my run. Oh, Florida, you fickle beast. 
Anyway, the run ended up being alright. I felt like I was dragging a 50 lbs weight behind me through 80% of my run, because the wind was so strong. I've provided you with a diagram so you may understand how strong the wind was. -------------------->
It may not be to scale, but you get the gist. 
I am doing my first 5k race this weekend (impromptu...my favorite kind) as follows: 
2012 Joe Cain Classic 5k, fun run and Moon Pie dash Canal Street and Broad Street Mobile, Ala. Sunday, February 19, 2012 @ 8:00 AM.
Very excited to get back out into the racing world. Hopefully the weather cooperates. 
Not running today. Pick training back up wednesday. 
Here is today's (Day 2) 365 days of "This Book Will Change Your Life." In case you can't read it, the description reads as follows: Day 2: The Love of Your Life. "Today, gaze at everyone wondering whether they might be the one true love of your life, the one destined for you and you alone and whether you may be passing them by forever... Act in consequence." Believe it or not I didn't pick this one because it's Valentines Day. It just so happened that Day 2 was about finding love and it happened to land on Valentines day. Maybe it's fate. My notes on how the day went are included but, again, in case you can't make out what it says it reads as follows: So, I'm sorry to say (or maybe relieved, I haven't decided which is the more prevalent emotion) I did not, in fact, find my soulmate. But god knows I tried. Maybe a little to hard, because I got more than one creeped out glare in return, but alas, no luck. Maybe I'm just not in the right city. I may need to return to this day when I move to Orlando." Or maybe not.

Things I'm working on: 
1. Sticking to the plan. As I've demonstrated, I throw my entire week off if I don't stick to the plan. Makes for hassle and headache.
2. Committing to races. I have races planned, but not many that I've actually signed up for. I need to make the commitment and really do this...like for reals.
Things I'm thankful for:
1. Good moods. I woke up in a horrible mood, because my jaw was killing me, but as soon as I got to work I just felt happy. I ended up getting a docs appointment this morning (that almost never happens... getting an appointment the same day you call), and it seems they are finally trying to figure out whats up with my jaw. Hurray for good days!
2. Pizza. Me and my co-worker, Emily, went to this amazing pizza place just outside the front gate. Always amazing food, and it's nice being able to eat loads of carbs with little guilt. 

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Long runs equal productive days

My delightful lunch. Thats a whole-lotta-veggies!

Today wrapped up my first full week of training. I was itching to run this morning so I got up at 8, ate breakfast, strapped on my shoes and ipod and hit the pavement.
I did my first "long" run. I felt really good through the entire run. I had no intention of wearing my new shoes but at the last second I was compelled. I'm glad I did. I'm a serious underpronater, and my mizunos help...a lot! 
Im trying not to pay attention to my pace on long runs, but it's really hard not to. So, I kept time, but I'm not beating myself up over it. 
After my run I through some laundry in the washer and desided to get out of the house for a bit. I try very hard to avoid bookstores, because I am seriously a sucker for books. It is impossible for me to go into a book store without buying something. Today was no exception.
I bought a book called "This Book Will Change Your Life." It's 365 days of ridiculous things. The idea is to do something every day that forces you to step out of your comfort zone. It's pretty hilarious and I'm going to start it tomorrow, so I'll keep you all abreast of my progress. If not fun/ny it should at least be entertaining. 
Now I get to sit back and relax for the night. I made myself my absolute FAVORITE dessert; strawberries, chocolate mouse and whipped cream. Yummy! And was pleasantly surprised to turn on the boob-tube and find "The Adjustment Bureau" on HBO. SCORE! Good, productive day all around!
This picure doesn't exactly make this look appetizing,
but trust me when I say this is the most delightful
dessert EVER!
Life is good!

Things I'm working on:
1. Not caring about pace or time.
2. Positive self talk during runs. Not that I'm particularly negative, but when I hit my walls I think it would really help if I started giving myself pep-talks.
3. Drinking more water. Again, this is a biggy! I keep saying I'm going to do better, and I am for the most part (restalked the water jugs today, so they should keep for a bit), but I really need to do better!
Things I'm thankful for:
1. Strawberries, chocolate and whipped cream. Yum!
2. Pandora. Somehow Pandora knew I was on a long run and played everything I needed to hear. 
3. New books! Nothing better than a brand new book. I'm such a sucker.

Friday, February 10, 2012

The view I got to enjoy on my bike ride in to work. Usually I'm not
up early enough to witness the sunrise. What a treat.
I observed colors...a rare occasion when I don't actually have to
do colors, so I took advantage to snap some photos. 

Papers are Sent out on Friday. Tag, fold,
stack, send.
My co-worker, Mike, the associate editor of the paper
I work for. He's super happy it's Friday. My other co-
worker, Emily, refused to be a part of Photo Phriday.

My newest running swag. News shoes are great, but
I'm glad I wore them for the first time on a short run.
I've heard good things about the Clif Blocks, and I saw
them when I was picking up athletic tape, so I figured
I would try them on my first decent long run.
I FINALLY got my bite guard. I've been dealing with TMJ
(Jaw pain) for 2 1/2 months. Hopefully this helps!

Pretty taped toes just before my run.
made a huge difference!
I found this on my last grocery excursion.
Dark chocolate is good, but white
chocolate is THE BEST! Post run snack.